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‘The Crowning of Our Lady’

‘The Crowning of Our Lady’

Photographs bearing ‘copyright’ material have been excluded, all others have been offered from personal collection(s) or Family albums presumed to have been taken by family members or friends and published with permission of the owner(s) not necessarily the author,

Photographs are catalogued by number and collection   

To add to our photo gallery from your personal collections or family albums, please contact Mrs Barbara Howell 01942 879416 who will be pleased to catalogue them for you prior to being published ‘with your permission’ before returning them, ensuring all are returned to you safely. Captions can be attached at your request to indicate the occasion/year/family name, etc.


Mrs Howell, took several photos in the Church grounds as we celebrated the Crowning of Our Lady’s statue by children in May 2009 and some of them are reproduced here with her kind permission.